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Developer(s) Crytek
Publisher(s) EA Games
Release date(s) November 13 2007
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Single Player, Multi Player
Platform(s) PC
Preceded by None(Farcry)
Followed by Crysis Warhead

Crysis is a First-Person Shooter developed by Crytek and Published by EA Games. Released on November 13 2007 Crysis is still seen as one of the most demanding games available and is often used when benchmarking a new graphics card. The successor in all but name to Farcry and followed by Crysis Warhead and the upcoming Crysis 2, Crysis has received much praise for its advanced graphics and physics.


Set in the near future the player controls Nomad a member of American Army Delta Force named Raptor. Other members of the squad are Prophet (leader), Psycho (protagonist of Crysis: Warhead), Aztec and Jester. They are sent to investigate a distress call from a group of scientists, set up on a small island presumably near Korea, led by Dr. Rosenthal.

The game begins with a parachute drop onto the island in which an unknown force hits Nomad and destroys his parachute, the team are separated and attempt to regroup while avoiding KPA forces that have invaded the island. After eventually regrouping with surviving members of raptor team the player goes in search of Dr.Rosenthal, finding him just before his demise. The player then participates in an attack with the American Army on the KPA. After finding an alien structure inside a mountain Nomad is evacuated from the island. A nuke is then launched at the island which has become some sort of alien power source, the nuke does nothing but make it more powerful, the carrier is attacked and Nomad with Psychos help defeats a huge alien hunter.

The game ends here and will be presumably picked up in Crysis 2.

Game EngineEdit

Crysis uses Cryteks Cryengine 2, considered to be one of the most advanced engines available. Its successor, Cryengine 3 was shown running on an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Crysis 2 will be multi-format.


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