Team Fortress 2
Tf2 standalonebox
Developer(s) Valve Corporation
Publisher(s) Valve Corporation
Release date(s) October 10 2007
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Platform(s) PC, Xbox 360 & Playstation 3
Preceded by Team Fortress Classic
Followed by

Team Fortress 2 is a First-Person Shooter multiplayer video game developed by Valve, the creators of Half Life 2 and Left 4 Dead. It throws off the realistic style that most games use in favor of an animated style powered by Valves own Source Engine. It was released on October 10 2007 as part of the Orange Box, a compilation that also included Half Life 2, Half Life 2: Episode 1, Half Life 2: Episode 2 and Portal, to critical acclaim.


The gameplay in Team Fortress 2 is based around two sides, BLU and RED. There are a number of game modes including (but not limited to) CTF, CP and PL (see below). Games take place on a variety of maps and more maps have been added over time, in addition to this there have also been new weapons and game modes added. The game revolves around team play, each of the nine different classes are entirely different, with entirely different weapons and abilities.

The TF2 community have also created many maps, skins and assets that can be used in the game. Some of these maps have been made official by Valve and have been released in one of the major class updates. The first map to have this treatment was CP_Steel.

Game ModesEdit

CTF: Capture the Flag mode pits the two sides against each other as each one tries to first capture the other team's 'intelligence' and then bring it back to their own intel room. These games are often played to three and rely heavily on the scout class, they are the fastest and therefore the best intel carriers. Engineers are also vital for defending the intel rooms and the portable sentry guns are very useful at this point. Maps that play this game mode include: 2Fort, Well and Turbine.

CP: Control Point mode revolves around a number of control points that are scattered through the map. Each team has to capture the other teams by standing near it for a certain amount of time. There are a few variations on CP. One starts the game with one team holding all the points and then makes the other team attack and capture all the points on the map. Another variation is that both teams have to race to capture all points on the map. The third is a territory game, the map is split into areas and each team must capture the point in each area until they 'own' all the areas, then they can attack the other teams base and capture it to win the game. They can however be pushed back by the other team capturing their point. This game mode was introduced on the map: Hydro.

Maps that play CP are: Dustbowl, Badlands, Granary, Gravelpit, Fastlane, Well, Steel, Egypt, Hydro and Junction.

PL: Payload mode centers the action around a cart filled with explosives, hence the name. The attacking team has to push the 'bomb cart' all the way to the defending teams base while the defending team tries to stop them. The attacking team pushes the cart by standing near to it. There are checkpoints spread throughout the maps and these add time to the game when reached. If the cart is not pushed for a while the cart begins to move slowly backwards. The defending team wins by holding the other team off until time runs out. There are three payload maps: Goldrush, Badwater and Hoodoo.

PLR: Payload race was introduced with the Spy vs Sniper update. The two teams push the cart as in PL but this time they have a cart each, they race to get their cart to the objective while stopping the other team from doing the same. The only map that plays PLR is: Pipeline.

Arena: Arena was introduced with the Heavy update, it is a team deathmatch style mode, each team has to eliminate the other, there is no respawning. This typically leads to relatively short games. The maps that play arena are: Lumberyard, Sawmill, Badlands, Nucleus, Granary, Ravine and Watchtower.



The RED base on 2fort, as seen from the BLU battlements.

2fort features the ctf gameplay, it is the most symmetrical map on the game. At either side of the map there are two bases that are separated by a bridge over a river. Each base has three floors. There is the sewer under-level, this links to the river via pipes and is a way of sneaking into the middle of the other teams base, often patrolled by sentry guns and a favourite of spies. On the same level is the basement, it contains a number of corridors, a resupply and an intel room. The intel room houses the intelligence and is also a good spot for a sentry gun. There are two ways into the basement, one is down a spiral staircase that starts on the first floor of the base, very close to one of the respawn rooms. The other way is another staircase that starts in a courtyard that also houses steps from the ground floor to the first floor. Also on the first floor is an area known as the battlements. This overlooks the middle ground and the bridge, it is the most common place for snipers to snipe from and can also be used to jump across to the roof of the bridge if playing as scout. At each end of the battlements is a corridor, one leads to a respawn room and the other to the room that houses the first respawn room and spiral staircase, also in this room is a hole that can be used to gain access to the ground floor, this is a place that those playing as demoman often frequent. Each base has two doors on the front that serve as the main entrance.

2fort is a very popular map and according to valve is the most played map of the week beginning the 6th July 2009 with over 7000 hours.


Scout: The scout is the first of the offensive characters, he is the smallest character in the game and has the joint-lowest health at 125hp.

The Scout with unlockable weapons equipped.

He is also the fastest character and the only one who can double jump. His main weapon is a Scattergun, which operates very like a shotgun, he also carries a Pistol and Baseball Bat. The baseball bat is the fastest melee weapon in the game, he can perform many hits very fast. The scout is a kid from a rough area of Boston, he solves problems by hurting people. thumb|100px|left|Meet the Scout TrailerThe scout captures twice as fast as any other class on CP and also pushes the cart on PL twice as fast as the other classes.

The scout update was the fourth to be released, it contained: The Force-A-Nature, it is a double-barreled shotgun, it carries two shells and is very powerful. If fired while jumping it can blast the player back, it also blasts back whoever it hits. The Scout can use this to his advantage, if fired at the ground the recoil can be used as another jump. The update also contained a replacement bat called the 'Sandman', while carrying it the scout lost the ability to double jump, however he gained the ability to hit baseballs at the enemy, temporarily stunning them. The last new addition to the scout was the Bonk Energy Drink, when drunk it lets the scout dodge every attack that comes his way, although when the drink wears out there is a slow down period in which he runs very slowly, making him an easy target.

The update also added a range of new achievements for the scout which let him unlock his new weapons.


The soldier's loadout page

The soldier is the second offensive class, he is the second slowest class after the Heavy. He carries a rocket launcher, which holds four rockets at a time and allows him to rocket jump by shooting at the ground. He also carries a shotgun and a shovel as his melee weapon. He is depicted as a stereo-typical american man, apparently obsessed with fighting. He wears a tin hat that covers his thumb|100px|left|Meet the Soldier Trailereyes and a belt with grenades across his chest. He has 200hp, the second most after the Heavy. The soldier can be used for short and long range assault although his rockets are fairly slow moving and therefore quite easy to dodge if fired from a distance. With a medic his health is buffed to 300hp and is therefore a good partner for the medic if there are no heavies available.

The soldier was updated recently along with the demoman, the update took the form of a war between the classes, the class that was used the most was then given another unlock on top of the ones already added. The Soldier unlocks were the Direct Hit, a rocket launcher that is far more powerful than the original, but can only do damage on impact and has no splash damage effect. Another unlock was the Buff Banner, when used this gave a buff of health and damage to all teammates in the vicinity. The third unlock is the Equalizer, a pick axe that does more damage as the soldier takes more damage.

The update also added a range of new achievements for the soldier which lets the player unlock the weapons.








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